… to the beautiful world of Sandee Spahr Sculptures.

Specializing in sculptures in stone, bronze and apoxie, Sandee brings her art to life utilizing decades of experience and a knack for realism. Known for exhibiting exceptional detail and capturing the essence of both the subject and the moment, Sandee has shown her work in numerous venues across Connecticut and Vermont.

A former art teacher and lifelong artist, Sandee has become well known for the quality of her work. None of her works are reproductions, but wonderful one-of-a-kind original creations, except for her bronze sculptures which are limited editions.

Sandeeā€™s sculptures are unique in design and quality, and wonderfully-priced. Inspired by classical artists, she has traveled around the world to expand her artistic horizons. The result has been works that have redefined her reputation as a skilled artist.

A master at sculpting a variety of forms, her bronze sculptures showcase stunning elements, stone sculptures exhibit breathtaking three-dimensional quality, and apoxie sculptures reveal magnificent detail and innovative style.